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Because I can't be bothered to check in anymore, I'm just too busy for anything I've enjoyed in the past. :(




















Here you go, just open them when you're ready. I am not that good at anything, so I sincerely apologize if this offends your artistic senses.

Bad Things Always Hit Where It Hurts

2016-12-06 03:28:02 by pleaseignoreme


















I failed all entry exams. Three colleges. All failed.

People were like all-on professionals. I was a kindergartener out for a field trip compared to them.

I was unprepared. I wasn't ready.

I am not worthy.

Fucked: C++, C, Visual Basic, VC++, HTML5, ActionScript, Pretty Much Every Language, Flash, vector graphics, hand-drawing, overall drawings, Itchy Io, Game Jolt, relationship with Chris, life, college

Not-so-fucked: AutoHotkey, Shit Batch, sleeping

Okay stuff: None


A few results

2015-09-28 22:29:51 by pleaseignoreme

Uh, so I now have page.

I make $#!^ games there. CHECK IT!

Ultra terrible one:

Relatively decent one:


2015-03-23 08:37:56 by pleaseignoreme

Junk Collection coming soon

Ne-OLD idea

2014-07-22 11:58:45 by pleaseignoreme

So I think I should move to real game engines...aside from a game. (called Minecraft but it's called Minecraft for a reason, right? It's not GameCraft!)

(I found out that Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures used Clickteam Multimedia Fusion 2/The Games Factory 2)

It's basically something like Construct or GameMaker or something, that you can make something out of snipplets of codes (and maybe some other coding languages as well, like Lua or Ruby, or maybe even Perl?).


I was originally going to try Unity instead but I could never code it without getting errors....

(OR that Unreal Engine Development Kit!!!) (Not to mention Frostbite, Source, CryEngine or even Flash)

I will soon try Flash again, but for now, I will try to work with that 2008 version of MMF2.


p.s. And about that new engine FEZ uses (Trixel Engine)? That would work well but that means I will have to go through some legal-ish I quickly dropped that plan.

p.p.s. Source Engine is indeed good. But for now, I wasn't even able to make a NPC move or speak correctly.

New f***ed up idea

2014-06-10 13:20:58 by pleaseignoreme

Hey,I have been thinking...

What if we take a perfectly fine game,

and turn it into unplayable or self-harming piece of electronic garbage?


I do know how to mod the games,so I can patch the contents to make them unplayable.

Monthly ****ed Up Submission Day

2014-03-22 02:26:05 by pleaseignoreme


Note: If the submission's title says "(MFSD)",PLEASE DO NOT BLAM IT!

The purpose of this is to create as many stuffs as possible,THEN creating something WHOLE better than that!

Submission BOMB day:

March 23th!!!!


(3/23 -> 3 2 3 -> 3+2+3=8 / WHATEVER)

Today's randomly picked topic:



Mind**** Flash videos (clean w/o cuss words and *** jokes)

Some Recordings Of Messed Up Songs

Some Guy Ranting About Totally Unrelated Topic Then Hopping Back To Some Other Topic Then Realizes That He Had Lost The Topic Then Ragequits

Some Ultra Low Quality Videos and Flash "Games"

^ Big Rigs In A Nutshell (or something)

Some Soundtracks Mashed Into Cacophony (SORRY FOR USING YOUR AWESOME CREATIONS DUDE!!!!)

"I Forgot To Enable Aliasing" and "I Accidentally Converted Small Endian To Big Endian And Ended Up In A Matrix Or Something" Noisy Audacity Messup


This is a collection of songs ruined by mischief of codecs,and Small Endian to Big Endian conversion.

For example,I open PCM 16bit Signed audio with a codec for u-Law Audio.

It is noisy enough to avoid SOPA and other copyright forces. (They can't do anything about a material modified above 50%)

("0x10c" reference)


1. ParagonX9 - Blue Sky

2. WaterFlame - Naive + Orange + Jumper mashed into one (Naive Orange Jumper? LOL!)

3. -api- - Paradise on E remix

4. WaterFlame - Whatever!

5. Kenet! - Vag (XM2WAV conversion)

6. Pegboard Nerds - 20K (dubstep)

7. DJ Jones - Lucky + Randomly picked 10 other modules (MOD2WAV)

8. Radix - Images (XM2WAV)

9. Linkin Park - Top 10 songs mashup

10. Alpha-One - Planet Welcome (XM2WAV)

Note Again: If the title says "(MFSD)",PLEASE DO NOT BLAM IT!

The purpose of this is to create as many stuffs as possible,THEN creating something WHOLE better than that!


April 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(4/1 -> 4 1 -> 4-1=3 / WHATEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

How have you been?

2014-02-18 10:10:49 by pleaseignoreme

SHIT,I QUIT!!!,just kidding.

Because I am learning how to make GOOD goddamn games on Flash(and how to rape my brain),new things would come out soon.


Sadly,for now...

I won't be able to manage my page,since I have things to be done...fuck.


I think this specific moment deserves Angry Faic...

...that I come home at 9PM,every weekday.

And no vacations.

Why? Of course because you are fucking high school student!

Fuck education system!!

Just let me learn what I really need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...Ahum,sorry. have you been?

Me 1 and 1/2

2014-01-19 05:39:35 by pleaseignoreme

Wow,a year has passed ALREADY and I haven't made ANY sort of relevant creations????

What a shame!


Anyway,here's my update:

1. Learning Unity(basically scripts up and crashing the editor,thus ruining entire things)

2. Codename:The Leakage FINALLY updates

3. Lost interest in Minecraft,though I am still keeping all files intact

4. Having table-flipping-ly frustrating self-corrupting Super Meat Boy save files,thus ruining entire godd**n gameplay broadcast

5. Adding random bits and sh**s into random projects,ruining another free time


7. Adding more and more (and more intense) references of Newgrounds into Codename:The Leakage

8. Re-furbishing entire god-forsaken project AGAIN

9. Maybe a d**n web server,built by myself?

10. DeviantART page stuck in anti-artistic thoughts (god-darn-horsesh*t!)

11. Ruined ANOTHER copy of that cacophonic animator adventure (3 copies left D:< )

12. Some sort of Instructables-ish motivation?

13. Project-in-a-USB?

14. Learning how to f**k with 3D printers,or how to build 3D printer all by myself,from all junks and 2 obsolete Poor Man's Arduino Clone? And few hundreds of floppy disk drives? WHAT?!

15. Learning how to properly blame all faults and loss of motivations to someone else better than me (?!)

16. Kali Linux f**kup??????

17. MineOS installation failures and DNS problems,and then d**n Port Forwarding problems AGAIN???? D**n,f**k my server!

18. Facepalm-worth-ing ruined 174 pages of irrelevant blueprints,all got flushed out

19. NOT ENOUGH SPACES?! Geez,I bought 1TB HDD last freaking year!

20. Re-trying Castle Crashers with Poor Man's PS2 Controller For PC