Bad Things Always Hit Where It Hurts

2016-12-06 03:28:02 by pleaseignoreme


















I failed all entry exams. Three colleges. All failed.

People were like all-on professionals. I was a kindergartener out for a field trip compared to them.

I was unprepared. I wasn't ready.

I am not worthy.


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2016-12-06 07:07:00

awww man rip u. :(


2016-12-06 08:59:31

There,there,it's not that you're not worthy or anything but maybe somewhere along the way,something went wrong and that might have led to this.You can talk about it if you'd like.

pleaseignoreme responds:

Things sometimes just don't go according to plan...
Thanks for checking by.


2017-09-13 11:46:49

It's the least I can do.How have you been?

pleaseignoreme responds:

Pretty much did the bog-standard things, such as sleeping, lamenting over dead projects, contemplating the very future of my kind, etc. I'm not joking.


2017-09-15 23:00:40

I know,I've been there but school has mostly kept me from doing that.Has anything changed from the time you made the post above?

pleaseignoreme responds:

I could say things have changed a lot recently. I managed to go to a college (which I didn't quite like because tuitions were too expensive) and I'm getting tons of things to do and make, some of which I really like and some I really didn't like at all.


2017-09-16 11:54:10

Yup,one word says it all:school.I'm guessing you're studying as an animator or a designer of some kind?

pleaseignoreme responds:

Not quite, but close -- "industrial designer". I try to design thingamajigs designed to do things they were supposed to do, and stuff...


2017-09-19 10:29:22

I think I'll just call you Mr Inventor.So how's the course like for you?

pleaseignoreme responds:

It's very hard to keep up with.


2017-09-20 11:59:42

I'm sure you'll get used to it after some time.Good luck!