New f***ed up idea

2014-06-10 13:20:58 by pleaseignoreme

Hey,I have been thinking...

What if we take a perfectly fine game,

and turn it into unplayable or self-harming piece of electronic garbage?


I do know how to mod the games,so I can patch the contents to make them unplayable.


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2014-06-10 13:24:16

i dont get it

pleaseignoreme responds:

I mean,I will be f***ing up the games that people enjoy and turn them into mishmash garbage.


2014-06-10 14:25:56

Anything in particular you might be referencing?

(Updated ) pleaseignoreme responds:

I am planning this UnGameification patch for:
ES3:Skyrim and ALL The Elder Scrolls series mash-up
Super Meat Boy
Goat Simulator
Garry's Mod
Half-Life 2 (incl. episodes)
League of Legends (Korean version / North America)
Need for Speed
World of Warcraft
Minecraft / Pixelcraft
Left 4 Dead 2
CoD:MW3 / Heist
(and few other game titles like SMB series and WATCH_DOGS(if I get 64x OS))
Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
The Unfair Platformer

EDIT: Now I have x64 OS, so I can now fiddle with WD.