Me 1 and 1/2

2014-01-19 05:39:35 by pleaseignoreme

Wow,a year has passed ALREADY and I haven't made ANY sort of relevant creations????

What a shame!


Anyway,here's my update:

1. Learning Unity(basically scripts up and crashing the editor,thus ruining entire things)

2. Codename:The Leakage FINALLY updates

3. Lost interest in Minecraft,though I am still keeping all files intact

4. Having table-flipping-ly frustrating self-corrupting Super Meat Boy save files,thus ruining entire godd**n gameplay broadcast

5. Adding random bits and sh**s into random projects,ruining another free time


7. Adding more and more (and more intense) references of Newgrounds into Codename:The Leakage

8. Re-furbishing entire god-forsaken project AGAIN

9. Maybe a d**n web server,built by myself?

10. DeviantART page stuck in anti-artistic thoughts (god-darn-horsesh*t!)

11. Ruined ANOTHER copy of that cacophonic animator adventure (3 copies left D:< )

12. Some sort of Instructables-ish motivation?

13. Project-in-a-USB?

14. Learning how to f**k with 3D printers,or how to build 3D printer all by myself,from all junks and 2 obsolete Poor Man's Arduino Clone? And few hundreds of floppy disk drives? WHAT?!

15. Learning how to properly blame all faults and loss of motivations to someone else better than me (?!)

16. Kali Linux f**kup??????

17. MineOS installation failures and DNS problems,and then d**n Port Forwarding problems AGAIN???? D**n,f**k my server!

18. Facepalm-worth-ing ruined 174 pages of irrelevant blueprints,all got flushed out

19. NOT ENOUGH SPACES?! Geez,I bought 1TB HDD last freaking year!

20. Re-trying Castle Crashers with Poor Man's PS2 Controller For PC


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2014-01-19 10:49:52

3: There's other fish in the sea.
6: Been there, done that. (Aka: good luck and/or have fun).
14: 3d printers are supposedly the future but I don't think we're very far along in it's development (broadly speaking). That said, building one yourself would be an impresive feat and require some serious dedication (considering you're just starting high school). Not that I'm saying you're can't do it, mind.
15: Probably some admonishment about shifting the blame to someone else or a joke/sarcastic comment if I could've thought up something good, but I couldn't. That's your fault btw. >:{

I'm drawing a blank on the rest.

pleaseignoreme responds:

a3: Yes,of course.

a6: Thanks ;)

a14: I will TRY to build one by myself,out of mash-up of 14 tutorials on Instructables or maybe buy that Maker kit.

a15: Of course,it is. That's why I put "?!" on the end of sentence.

Either way,thanks for reply.